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Wonderland Pets

We are open 7 days a week

monday 9-5

tuesday 9-5

wednesday 9-5

thursday 9-5

friday 9-5

saturday 9-5

sunday 10-3

However if you are travelling 

a great distance please 

call ahead as on the odd occasion

we may be closed for trade shows

festivals, training etc

Visit us at 73 Southend Road, Stanford-Le-Hope, Essex. SS170PQ

Welcome to Wonderland Pets!

Our shop is still relitively new, we opened in march 2012 and offer a vast range of products and services. We like to focus on quality items but obviously realise that in the current climate good value for money is also very important to customers. With this in mind we offer quality foods but at affordable prices, our Healthy Paws range of dog foods for example has had such good results for dogs with sensitive stomachs and who were formerly on ranges costing almost double the price! We hold a range of pet beds, litter trays, pet carriers, toys, hand picked for their functionality and quality and also a budget range for if you are looking for something inexpensive We like to breed our own animals to avoid health issues and are all handled from an early age as possible to assure that they are completely tame for their new owners and also we work with local breeders who also uphold these ethics. We are completely against the method of wholesale breeding which some pet supermarkets may use and involves a lot of issues that we do not agree with not least the fact some poor animals can be injured and can even die on their journey to their destination pet shop whilst held in crates in a lorry.

At Wonderland Pets we love our animals and enjoy working with them but theres nothing better than when one is chosen to go to their new home. We are friendly and relaxed at Wonderland Pets and are willing to offer any help and advice needed. We love the exotic and unusual and although breeds and species vary we quite often have Hedgehogs, Skinny Pigs, Giant French Lop rabbits, Beautiful mini lop rabbits, Sugar Gliders, various kittens, various budgies (sometimes hand tame), African Pygmy Dormice, various rodents including gerbils and their giant cousins the Jirds. Land Hermit crabs make popular pets, tiny mini lops rabbits sometimes with unusual blue eyes, guinea pigs and more please call for availability.

 My name is Dawn Jones and I have enjoyed my early days at Wonderland Pets, meeting likeminded animal lovers

As a Fully Licenced Pet store I have to adhere to the local boroughs standards and code of practice which further ensures that I carry out my Duty of Care to the animals to the highest standards.
We do have animal sales policy instore, please feel free to read it at point of sale. We also have FREE 30 days pet insurance with any pet sale ( kittens excluded) online activaton required. Please ask instore at point of sale.


To comply with new laws we offer microchipping instore, safety clips to secure your dog whilst in the car and Red Dingo engraved pet id tags in a variety of styles and sizes, excellent quality, lifetime guarantee, order these instore and have them delivered directly to your home.

Our Kitten display unit, plenty to do, its better than watching tv seeing the kittens playing in here
Wonderland Pets
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73 Southend Road
Phone: 01375360036