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African Pygmy Hedgehogs NOW IN STOCK

One of the most popular exotic mammals by far, A.P.H`s are low maintenance, easy to keep little critters. They enjoy snuggling into you. have very few health issues and are rewarding, interesting pets,

Their diet is primarily dried cat food and dried mealworms as a treat but many owners offer their hogs many other foods such as fruit and vegetables, scrambled egg and live insects. Foods to avoid are any fish flavoured catfood, dairy products and any long  stringy foods such as grated carrot as this can be a choking hazard.

Although their diet is mainly dried catfood i will mention that their faeces don't actually smell as much as cat faeces. Hedgehogs are relatively low odour and if you spot clean any deposits on a daily basis the cage will only require a once weekly clean as their urine is low odour.

Mostly owners will keep their hedgehogs in a zoozone cage with a flying saucer wheel as the main point of exercise and this is sufficient as well as getting your hog out for regular exercise. Another good form of exercise is a supervised swim in the bath. You can also give your APH a regular bath in shallow warm water using a toothbrush to clean their spines.

At wonderland Pets we breed our own APH`s to ensure they are handled from an early age as possible ensuring that they have excellent temperaments. Customers are welcome to pop in the shop and view our current babies and we will show how tame they are. It has been known for breeders who only operate appointment systems to view babies to pull tricks such as bathing the hoglets in warm water just before a potential customer arrives to relax the hoglet and giving the appearance of a well handled baby only for them to later find the baby to be huffy and untame. From experience i find a well handled baby will rarely turn huffy even when not handled for a few weeks.

Sugar Gliders NONE IN STOCK

These beautiful animals are really wonderful pets, not really for children as they are truly nocturnal and really don't want to be woken up in the day, for this reason i don't have any gliders in the shop. viewing is strictly for serious Glider customers who only need to view to check for any health issues and have already done full research as it really is not fair to disturb the gliders just to satisfy curiosity.

The diet does not have to be complicated, I chop up fruits such as all the melons, apple, pear, berries, pineapple, kiwi, broccoli and sweet potato, if you chop up in bulk and freeze the fruit mixture it will make life easier as you will only need to break off an ice cube size piece per glider to defrost. Poisons include onion, garlic. rhubarb, caffeine and chocolate- some foods can only be given in moderation such as sweetcorn and grapes. Combined with the leadbetter mix which again you can make and freeze in advance, defrosting an icecube sized piece for two gliders daily. Dried or live mealworms should be given as another source of protein. Tinned fruit should never be given as it contains preservatives which are toxic to gliders.

Gliders can be very vocal, they make noises if they are angry - people describe as the` chainsaw` noise and they also bark like little dogs when frightened. Gliders have a very distinct smell some people find offensive, personally i find they have a fruity/ musky smell and the only time i have found the smell offensive is when i bought an established pair and they were taken from their enviroment to mine and they scent marked like crazy but after that  i didn't have a problem.

Sugar gliders have beautiful fur like velvet, they are the size of chipmunks with giant eyes like bushbabies, they have claws like cats, ears like bats, they do not chew as such and their teeth do not constantly grow like rodents. It is quite rewarding to get your gliders out in a secure room such as the bathroom, you can sit with them and watch them get up to all sorts of antics including gliding, the only thing to be aware of is that they have no perception of items they are landing on- all items that are not stable need to be removed and they may land on you also with their little cat claws- be prepared for scratches!

Axolotls AKA Mexican Walking Fish NOW IN STOCK

Okay I know these arent mammals but I discovered these only last year and I cant reccomend them highly enough, easy to keep, low maintenance, low cost, really entertaining to watch and the strangest looking creatures you can get. Axolotls are amphibians, they live only in water, they prefer the water to be cool and need no heater in the tank just a filter. Youngsters are usually fed frozen bloodworm, moving on to brine shrimp and earthworms as they grow, Axolotl pellets are also available for sale.

In the wild Axolotls are near extiction and are listed as an endangered species. Axolotls are used a lot for scientific research because of their unique ability to regenerate their limbs. If you observe a tank full of young they will eat each others limbs if not fed enough but the limbs will grow back quite rapidly in the youngsters. Axolotls grow up to 12" long  but 9" is usual size. Colour variations include wild type, Leucistic (white with black eyes), Albino (white with red eyes), Black and Golden.

Axolotls can suffer from impaction problems due to the wrong substrate being used, they may injest small stones or sand if used as a substrate and be unable to digest this which lies inside them causing some issues with moving around in the correct way.

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Chipmunks available in the spring/summer months
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