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Wonderland Pets

We are open 7 days a week

monday 9-5

tuesday 9-5

wednesday 9-5

thursday 9-5

friday 9-5

saturday 9-5

sunday 10-3

However if you are travelling 

a great distance please 

call ahead as on the odd occasion

we may be closed for trade shows

festivals, training etc

Wonderland Pets offers Holiday Boarding for all small animals, with reasonable rates and a variety of different accomodations to suit your pets needs.

We have luxury boarding cages that allow your rabbits or guineas to exercise at all times but with a sheltered area to snuggle into if they wish.  We also have standard 5 ft hutches with a shared run which allows them to exercise for a third of the day. We can also accomodate indoor pets with indoor cages in a heated room. 


Hutch Boarding with shared run

Rabbits and Guineas are priced at £20 per cage per week, extra cage sharers £7. each.

All food is included unless you prefer to bring your own but the price doesnt alter in regards to this.

Hamsters 10. per cage per week

Hedgehogs 15 per week


Luxury Suites and The Ranch

Rabbits and Guineas are priced at 25 per cage per week, extra cage sharers £7 each

We can also offer to clip your pets nails during their stay which is £2.50 per pet

Wonderland Pets
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