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Wonderland Pets

We are open 7 days a week

monday 9-5

tuesday 9-5

wednesday 9-5

thursday 9-5

friday 9-5

saturday 9-5

sunday 10-3

However if you are travelling 

a great distance please 

call ahead as on the odd occasion

we may be closed for trade shows

festivals, training etc


We are extremely proud of our reptile room, it receives a lot of positive comments and although it is not as high tech as some reptile rooms it is well maintained and stocked with all the basic supplies needed for reptile owners, all lighting,heating, substrate, accessories, livefood, frozen food, dried foods, vitamins, vivariums and decor. If you dont see what you are looking for we can place it on our next order.

we also now sell reptiles incuding tortoises, corn snakes, tree frogs, leopard geckos, crested geckos,royal pythons, terrapins, long tailed lizards and bearded dragons, all easy to keep, low maintenance starter reptiles.

Expanding our range this year 2015 we have Giant Milipedes, Halloween Crabs, Stunning african Fat Tailed Geckos, various Scorpions and Mantids. Water Dragons, Mountain horned Dragons, Desert Iguanas, various frogs including African Bullfrogs and Pacman Frogs,. Again if you require something more unusual you can place a customer order and we will try our hardest to source it for you.

Jelly Pots, treats for reptiles
Calci sand - all the colours of the rainbow and more
Wonderland Pets
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