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Wonderland Pets

We are open 7 days a week

monday 9-5

tuesday 9-5

wednesday 9-5

thursday 9-5

friday 9-5

saturday 9-5

sunday 10-3

However if you are travelling 

a great distance please 

call ahead as on the odd occasion

we may be closed for trade shows

festivals, training etc

A selection of small furries at Wonderland Pets, you can see how well cared for and relaxed they are

With small furries you cant go wrong, sweet little Russian hamsters ideal for first time pets with their inquisitive nature and entertaining qualities, Syrian hamsters are excellent first time pets for youngsters. Friendly little fancy mice are very underrated but are great little characters, whatever you choose We have something for all your first time or follow up pet needs.
We have small rabbits, netherland dwarfs, mini lops, some cross breeds, beautiful and rare Hotots; (waiting lists for these)
Giant French Lop Rabbits well known for their calm, friendly, dog-like natures, but not exactly small furries!

Chipmunks; brilliant, intelligent, sociable creatures.
Chinchillas with their soft, dense, sought after fur; wonderful, entertaining pets, full of energy and fun.
Guinea pigs for first time pets are ideal, with their funny squeals they are very entertaining, there are many types of guineas to choose from  from long haired Peruvians to short wirey coated Teddies and many different colours too.
The usual comment when visiting our Pet Shop is that all the pets are so tame and the reason for that is the design of the enclosures. With plenty of space for the animals to display normal behaviour yet easy access to be picked up  and stroked, all of our pets are very friendly! 
Wonderland Pets
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